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Welcome to our website and thanks for dropping by. We supply Cable Park Wakeboards and Equipment to suit all abilities and budgets and we work tirelessly to give you the best variety of products and the best shopping experience, whilst also keeping our prices amongst the keenest in the UK.

We have hand picked all of our brands and we are only interested in supplying products that we are proud to put our name to and that we know will stand the test of time. Everything we sell comes with a full 12 month manufacturer's warrantee and to ensure that you always get the best possible deal we even offer a price beat guarantee.

We are Premier Retailers for some of the best brands in the wake industry and we pride ourselves on the quality of the equipment we supply and the high levels of customer service that we provide. We are premier retailers for O'Brien, Ronix, Connelly, Hyperlite, CWB, Liquid Force and Byerly

Help With Online Shopping

Our aim is to make your shopping experience here at as easy and as pleasurable as possible. We have therefore grouped all of our Park Wakeboard products together as logically as we can so that navigation is both simple and intuitive. We have also created hundreds of EXCLUSIVE Wakeboard Package Deals that not only save you the maximum amount of money possible but also mean that you don't need to worry about what works best with what or which bindings fit on which wakeboard etc. We have literally done all of the ground work for you and matched everything together perfectly so all you need to do is click a button and all of the risk (and trawling thought pages and pages of possible options) is taken care of. You can then use the time you've saved by getting out on the water for even longer!

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Cable Park Wakeboards

Cable Park Wakeboards (or Grind Wakeboards as they are often referred to) are designed to work best at cable systems with obstacles and their focus is on meeting the specific needs of the park rider. They are flexible and extremely robust with reinforced edges and ultra hard wearing bases (with removable fins or no fins at all) to enable them to survive continual abuse and impacts with obstacles found at cable parks. As a result, they do not posess the right properties required for successful boat useage at all. If you plan to just ride cable then get one of these.
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Cable Park Wake Vests

We stock a massive range of top quality Impact Vests that will keep you protected and looking good for many seasons to come. All of our wake vests are designed for the job and not only protect your torso but are also incredibly comfortable and flexible to wear making them feel almost like a second skin.
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Cable Park Wake Helmets

We have literally hundreds of Wake Helmets in stock from top brands such as Bern, Liquid Force and Pro Tec. These are essential if you ride cable, in fact they are compulory a most parks for obvious reasons. Sure you can hire, but why not treat yourself to a properly fitting, certified wake helmet of your own.
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Men's Park Wakeboards

Men's Wakeboards tend to be larger (length and width) as they need to potentially accomodate more weight. The bindings offered tend to go up to larger sizes too. However, there's absolutely nothing preventing Women from using boards that are described as Men's Wakeboards as long as the size is correct and the bindings fit properly.
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Women's Cable Wakeboards

Women's Wakeboards tend to be proportionally smaller (length and width) and with smaller bindings. The graphics on Women's Wakeboards also tend to be deliberately more girlie and with more use of pastel colours and pinks etc. To be honest, if that's not your bag then a correctly fitted Men's Wakeboard will be perfect.
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Kid's Cable Wakeboards

Kid's Wakeboards are basically mini versions of adult wakeboards and are much smaller (length and width) and with mini bindings. They are designed to build confidence and to get the little rippers up and wakeboarding as quickly as easily as possible. They have funky graphics and are available in Boat, Cable and Hybrid variants.
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Wakeboard Bindings

The Bindings are possibly the most important element of a wakeboard as they are the direct connection between you and the board. Correctly fitting wake bindings will improve your performance and allow you to ride for longer in safety. Badly fitting binding will do the complete opposite. Bindings come in 2 main variants, open toe and closed toe. If you plan to share your board with others then go for open toe bindings as these accommodate a wide range of foot sizes. If the board is just for you then closed toe bindings are best.
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Wakeboard Bags

We are often asked "Do I really need a bag?" and the answer is a big fat yes! Wakeboards seem to double in size when they're not in the water and it is incredibly easy to damage your board and your boat or car just trying to load up or pack away. Wake Bags are made from tough quick drying waterproof materials and allow the wakeboard to slip in easily with the bindings still attached.
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Wake Ropes

We have huge stocks of wake ropes for all levels of Wakeboarding. Recreational wake ropes are generally 60-70ft in length and have a wide handle (normally 15") to make it easier to perform tricks that require the handle to be passed behind your back. Recreational wake ropes are normally made from Polyethylene Rope (AKA poly for short) which has a small amount of "give" in it. This makes the rope more user friendly for beginners and takes a little bit of the edge off the power running through the handle.

Our Brands

We have hand picked all of our brands and only supply products that we are proud to put our name to and that we know will stand the test of time. Everything we sell comes with a full 12 month manufacturer's guarantee and to ensure that you always get the best possible deal we also offer a price beat guarantee on everything we supply. Go on, give us a try. We really won't be beaten on price!

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Founded in 1995, with roots going back to the sport’s first days, Liquid Force has become the leader in the wakeboard industry. Founders Tony Finn and Jimmy Redmon were two pioneers in the sport of Wakeboarding and are credited with the development of the Skurfer, which is widely regarded as the product that put wakeboarding on the map. Having twice won the WSIA “Manufacturer of the Year” award, Liquid Force is dedicated to relentless innovation, progressive design, maximum functionality and unparalleled quality.

Liquid Force Wakeboards For Sale at


For over 50 years O’Brien have been creating great watersports products aimed at the recreational and family market and their wakeboards offer excellent quality and performance at surprisingly keen prices. O'Brien work hard to design, test, manufacture, and improve each and every product they make and they believe in pushing the sport forward, providing the newest technology and the latest manufacturing techniques to build advanced watersports products that stand the test of time.

O'Brien Wakeboards For Sale at

Ronix Wakeboards are one of the top brands in the wakeboarding industry. Their boards are crammed with technology and brimming with style and their team includes many of today's top riders, helping them achieve significant and ongoing victory at podiums around the world. Ronix make premium equipment for discerning customers so if you want the best then Ronix could be the brand for you.

Ronix Wakeboards For Sale at


Hyperlite Wakeboards are one of the pioneers of the wakeboard movement. You only need to look at the history of wakeboarding to see that the longest-standing brand in the sport is in fact Hyperlite. Hyperlite have continued to innovate, being the first to the market with molded in fins, lace-up bindings, PVC core wakeboard, ABS sidewalls, and wood core flex boards to name but a few. Hyperlite has always been, and continues to be, a true pioneer in the wake industry. As the sport of wakeboarding grows, Hyperlite grows with it, evolving their brand and continually creating revolutionary products.

Hyperlite Wakeboards For Sale at


Jobe are one of the largest and most successful of all recreational water sports brands. Their mission is to simply get you on the water and they are continually evolving and developing new products to make life on the water easier and more fun. Jobe produce a great range of recreational wakeboards and packages that are aimed primarily at the family user. Their wakeboards offer surprisingly good designed and visual appeal all at very low prices. Perfect for beginners and family applications, a Jobe wakeboard will get you out on the water and help you on your fist steps to success in no time.

Jobe Wakeboards For Sale at


CWB Board Co has changed a lot over the years. They have spent the past few years reinventing themselves and have since created some of the greatest and most innovative wakeboards and wakeboarding equipment to date. There is no denying their history either. They introduced Hinge Tech Wake Bindings a few years ago, an innovation that changed the industry and wake boots forever. On the board side they created the first board built with a bamboo core, giving unmatched snap and durability as well as being environmentally friendly. In short, CWB's desire is to blow customer's minds with their gear and to create the greatest range of wake products ever seen.

CWB Wakeboards For Sale at

Advice Centre and Buyer's Guides

Choosing the right Water Sports Equipment can seem quite daunting at times, but it's actually very simple once you know a few basics. The team at here at have therefore put these articles together to help you understand the differences between all of the various pieces of kit, what all the design features are for (and if you actually need them or not) and why some equipment will suit your needs and some definitely won't. At the end of the day, all we want is for you to feel confident that you are making an informed purchasing decision and are buying exactly the right gear for the job!

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